Mini Militia Cheat Codes

Mini Militia Cheat Codes: Mini Militia Chat Codes, Cheats, and Tricks are top-rated. Favorite in Mini Malaysia and Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia is a popular 2D shooter game.

Mini Malaysia can play in single format or multiplayer format. It is trendy, especially in the gaming community in India. The Mini Militia game became an instant hit when it was released on Android in 2015. It was my most downloaded favorite game of the year. It can play on Android and iOS phones. The Doodle Army, Mini Militia game is everyone’s favorite. The game can play in both offline survival modes and online multiplayer modes. The game is time-consuming and fun to play with friends on any weekend. Below is a list of mini-militia chat codes and chat codes for your information.

Mini Militia Chat Codes-Mini Militia Codes
  • Captain of the Army – Chat Code: duke
  • No Reloading – Chat Code: tootsie pop
  • 7,000 Battle Points – Cheat Code: gummy bear
  • Mini Militia Chat Commands
Mini Militia Codes-Mini Militia Redeem Code
  • GG: Good Game
  • NS: Nice Shot
  • BI: bring it
  • RU: ready up
  • HH: hoo ya
  • MO: move out
  • GM: Oh, They got me!
  • WP: You wanna piece of me!
  • NM: No (Opponents view)
  • GS: get some
  • LG: lets go,year
  • CB: come on boy
  • CM: cover me
Mini Militia Cheats – Developer Codes
  • Auto Shield – AS-197io12HTV
  • Melee Attack – MA-RDi027474
  • Extra Bullets – EB-RLi97Typ4
  • Weapon Upgrade – WU-MN45789
Mini Militia Cheats Mods-Mini Militia Tips:
  • Unlimited Ammo Mod
  • Unlimited Nitro Mod – Jetpack
  • Unlimited Health Mod
  • God Mod
  • MOD – Unlimited ammo, nitro and bombs with pro pack

FAQs-Mini Militia Cheat Codes:

How do you enter fraudulent codes into mini-militia?

These codes only work for personal levels: Mini Militia Open & Close> Press for a second> Download the app again> Chat Room> Finally, type: uploadstandardweaponsweaponsqwr? //! – Prizes: AK-46, Bazuka, Sniper, Mi-6, Caliber, and 10 Grenades too. You may be interested in this post also: Mini Militia Old Version

What are the tricks in Mini Militia Cheat Codes?

If you have a player left behind, shoot him a few times. Once they leave behind, they will die, and you will award a point. If you are in poor health and have a gun, do not rush to attack enemies. Instead, hide, bend, and wait until life is over.

How do you earn points in Mini Militia?

So to get free battle points, you have to apply code or mini militia chat codes. Sign up with the Web Server Room. And wait for the opponents to enter Theria.

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