Popular Cricket Betting Tournaments

Cricket Betting

Cricket enjoys unparalleled popularity in India, with a fanatical supporter base cheering on the national team in major contests. This passion has fueled a thriving market for online sports betting in India. The unique formats, in-play dynamics and rivalries result in intense engagement. Let’s look at marquee events that witness the highest volumes.

Indian Premier League 

Without a doubt, the loudest buzz accompanies the Indian Premier League extravaganza every summer, as domestic cricketing royalty battle fiercely. Blending entertainment with short explosive T20 action has made IPL a commercial behemoth. This translates to boundless best online betting app in India interest.  

Being a two-month tournament with 74 high-scoring games between star-studded franchises, IPL provides great betting diversity. There are innumerable market options around outcomes, milestones and prop bets tailored to T20. Creative bets like predicted scores at the fall of the next wicket keep engagement high.

ICC Cricket World Cup

The Cricket World Cup is the summit for international teams, and it is held once every four years by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The Cricket World Cup inspires unrivalled fervour in India as the nation fiercely urges its heroes onwards. During this 50-over guilt-edged event, betting volumes will, of course, increase tremendously. This is to be expected.

Patriotism is at an all-time high because the safety of millions of people depends on the boys in blue. The early futures betting is centred on India being victorious and taking home the title. After that, the markets shift to revolve around landmarks, top batters and bowlers, and the occurrence of matches. In spite of India’s growth, the level of engagement has remained extraordinarily high throughout on account of national sentiments.

The Ashes 

Even if enthusiasm has waned in recent years, the long-standing cricket competition between England and Australia never fails to pique the interest of people all over the world, especially when the two countries compete for test match supremacy in the twice-yearly Ashes tournaments that last for more than a month.  

The drawn-out structure of five matches lends itself exceptionally well to the time-honoured practise of placing outright wagers on the tournament champions and leading performers. Additionally, active pre-series futures betting, which is still rather popular, is available. Despite the fact that India is not a participant, the history of the Ashes continues to inspire sentiment and keeps interest alive.

ICC T20 World Cup

Every two years, the International Cricket Council (ICC) hosts the Twenty20 World Cup, which features important cricketing nations participating in the shortest international format. This makes it possible for individual brilliance to triumph over individual shortcomings, resulting in unpredictable outcomes and an explosion of varied prop bets.

Microbetting markets that revolve around batting matches, highest opening partnerships, player milestones, and the like are used to promote engagement in place of outrights. The rapid speed ensures that there will be an immense adoption of live in-play betting due to the rapid fluctuation of odds caused by changes in match circumstances.

India vs Pakistan Rivalry Matches 

When archenemies India and Pakistan compete in cricket, there is a lot more at stake than just who has the better cricket team. Even if they are happening less frequently, the high-stakes matches between the contentious neighbours continue to generate avalanches of betting volume and attention.

Draws have occurred in the markets surrounding the match toss winner and the favoured innings sessions. There are millions of dollars at stake on who will reign supreme. As the protagonists from each side face each other, heart rates in both countries begin to rise at an alarming rate. An India-Pakistan battle draws the biggest attention and betting numbers, regardless of the venue or platform it is played on.


Previously, people were more interested in betting on longer ODI World Cups, but today they are more interested in betting on shorter formats like T20, which allows for more innovative prop and live betting. The Indian Premier League (IPL), the World Cup, and other classic rivalries offer the ideal environment in which to combine a love of cricket with the excitement of strategic betting.